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Integrated Forensic Engineering AND Construction Claims Backed by integrity


The Haag Canada Construction Claims group consolidates traditional construction claims experts and forensic engineering subject matter experts to provide independent counsel on claims covering all industry sectors. The consolidation of quantum, scheduling, forensic engineering and risk management makes Haag Canada uniquely capable of providing streamlined, unbiased service to insurance and legal clients, as well as owners, developers and contractors.


Forensic engineering

Claims Mitigation, Planning & Preparation

Risk Management & Mitigation

Covid-19 impact

Formal Dispute Resolution

There are instances when disputes seem intractable. We help our clients navigate and simplify these challenging scenarios by clearly identifying the facts. Working collaboratively with your team, we provide valuable resources and expertise to guide you towards an economic and equitable resolution.

  • Expert witness testimony and reports (preparation & rebuttal)
  • Alternative dispute resolution
    1. Arbitration
    2. Adjudication
    3. Mediation
    4. Litigation

Forensic Engineering

If you are encountering the impacts of a catastrophic loss, structural collapse, construction defect or engineering failure, our highly qualified engineers will effectively identify the steps required for an in-depth forensic investigation. We isolate the root cause(s), quantify your loss and specify remediation.

  • Assessment of cause(s) and extent of loss
  • Scope and quantification of repairs and remediation
  • Engineering report and drawing preparation
  • Subrogation investigation

Claims Mitigation, Planning & Preparation

Whether seeking to avoid, defend or prepare a claim, our experts have you covered. With hands-on industry experience and a deep understanding of all claim types, we offer an impartial perspective and a clear path forward so you and your team may achieve an optimal outcome.

  • Delay Claim Preparation & Defense
    1. Disruption
    2. Acceleration
    3. Prolongation
    4. Lost productivity
  • Quantum Assessment
    1. Liquidated damages
    2. Defect liability
    3. Loss evaluation
    4. Remediation claims
  • Change Management
    1. Impact of change, cost entitlement, impact analysis
  • Business Interruption Assessment
    1. Economic loss
    2. Establishing recovery costs
    3. Force-majeure support
    4. Duress assessments
  • Adjudication and prompt payment support
  • Scheduling
    1. Recovery & acceleration programs
    2. Progress updates
    3. As-built updates
    4. Project closeout / as-built programs
    5. Extension of Time Submissions

Risk management & mitigation

Every project carries risks and opportunities. Assigning a management strategy to each of those risks and opportunities will ensure they do not disrupt your project’s performance. We develop a framework that identifies risks and strategically manages them to ensure the optimal performance of your project.

  • Third-party project oversight
  • Ongoing progress reports on time, cost and status of insured/uninsured works
  • Critical path analysis
  • Reoccurring schedule reviews
  • Claim strategy counsel
  • Negotiation documents (preparation and rebuttal)
  • Correspondence preparation
  • Reinstatement support
  • Schedule recovery

Covid-19 impact

  • Loss of productivity
  • Project disruption