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Loss Remediation and Mitigation

When a loss occurs, services need to take prompt action to isolate the issues, mitigate any further damages and limit downtime for the business. Safety is paramount in these circumstances and Haag professionals are ready to advise on the correct measures necessary to secure the site and ensure evidence is not compromised. How to proactively limit interruptions to business is also essential, as drawn out scenarios that constrain business activity can be more financially damaging than the inciting event. Haag experts will provide the operational and design expertise necessary to manage all aspects of these scenarios.

Areas of Expertise

Haag Canada provides a broad offering of engineering expertise, including:

  • Civil / Structural
  • Construction
  • Natural Catastrophe
  • Cranes & Aerial Lifts
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Geotechnical & Mining
  • Environmental / Health & Safety
  • Infrastructure
  • Mechanical
  • Materials
  • Electrical and Electronics
  • Electric Power and Machinery
  • Chemical
  • Industrial
  • Marine


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