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Light Rail Transit Project

The Trillium Line South light rail extension project is one of three main extensions to the Ottawa light rail transit system which will service the south and southwest Ottawa communities.

The extension will have the construction of eight new stations in total, and the extension of five platforms on the existing Trillium line. This will include four new stations along the new extension and two new stations along the four-kilometer link to the Ottawa International Airport. The project also includes a Maintenance and Storage Facility for the fleet.

Haag Canada’s Engineer was deployed to ensure contract management, contractual compliance, risk management, and dispute prevention measures were in place. Measures were implemented to ensure project delivery in conformance to the Public Private Partnership contract in place at the City of Ottawa. The Engineer set up means and methods for proper procedural documentation of issues and risk, legal correspondences, and change management, in order to safeguard the client’s rights.