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Resolving Large Compressor Electric Motor Failure


The failure of a reciprocating compressor electric motor.


Given the complexity of the issue, the situation required unique system testing to derive a clear solution, which was all the more challenging under pressing timelines.


As an initial response, the Haag team member analyzed historical data and determined the extent of the expertise required. They struck a multi-disciplinary team of electrical, mechanical, electro-mechanical, material and civil engineers, and proceeded to act promptly as the client needed this critical application back up and running continuously through extreme loading and network fluctuations.

The depth of analysis touched on several different elements, and included:

Once the team had completed these tasks, they developed equipment design recommendations, which included quantifying the required upgrade and repairs. They produced a detailed report with recommendations for the upgrade and corrections, which also specified calculations for power savings and operational benefits. In addition, a Haag representative provided:

The resulting upgrade was an energy efficient solution that significantly reduced meantime between failure (MTBF). By overseeing all aspects of the project, from diagnosis through commissioning and start-up, Haag’s engineer delivered the services and leadership this client critically required to keep the plant up and running without downtime.