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School Heating System Explosion


An emergency required an immediate response due to a school’s heating system explosion during after-hours.


Haag Canada was called in to assess and arrange for emergency remedial work that would create safe access to the site. This situation demanded a rapid yet thorough response due to the presence of potentially hazardous materials.


Upon the client’s request, the Haag expert prepared a designated substances/hazardous materials survey report and provided specifications for their abatement in order that the removal and replacement of the boiler system could proceed. The team members verified the existing information and data, conducted a visual investigation and an assessment of the substances and hazardous materials. Samples were collected for analysis at accredited laboratories.

As the team then prepared appropriate survey reports in accordance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act, they developed technical specification documents and outlined the scope of work with regards to managing, handling, removing and the abatement of substances and materials.

Additional responsibilities in bringing this project to completion also included: