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Buildings rely on properly performing roofs, cladding, and fenestrations to keep Mother Nature out. Challenges arise when different roofing and cladding systems interface, particularly following renovations, additions, or use of newer systems with which contractors or design professionals may be unfamiliar. Our climate can tax a system’s resiliency, whether it be severe temperatures, snow/ice loads, wind, and/or other elements.  

Whether you need help identifying the source of a problem or resolving a dispute, Haag’s team of experts has the in-depth experience to diagnose moisture intrusion and/or unexplained heating losses, assess storm damage, evaluate quality of installation, and assess potential material deficiencies.  We can evaluate construction projects, perform property condition assessments for real estate transactions, assess the cause and extent of damage related to insurance claims, and develop the scope and cost for repair options.

For many years, roofs have been a leading cause of litigation related to building performance.

Haag Engineering Co. has been conducting ice ball impact testing (simulated hail) since 1963 and studying the results of long-term weathering on impacted roof coverings. Established in 1924, Haag is the leading expert for roof damage assessments in North America.

Over 22,000 professionals have completed Haag’s Certified Roofing Inspector courses in damage assessment.  We have developed methods and tools for assessing roof damage that have become the industry standard.  Haag’s IAS accredited laboratory tests various components and claddings, undertaking R&D projects for many leading manufacturers, and evaluating damage for insurance and legal disputes.

Here in Canada, Haag’s experts have provided in-depth training on roof damage assessment, particularly wind and hail, for nearly a decade and have assessed roofing damage since the 1970s.

The following outlines our expertise in Building Envelope and Roof Evaluations:

  • Commercial, residential, and industrial buildings
  • Low and steep slope roof systems
  • Claddings and fenestrations
  • Condition assessments
  • Catastrophe inspections
  • Emergency shoring
  • Field and laboratory testing
  • Litigation support